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Join a cartel, build your labs and recruit your junkies... Build your empire Now!

Five Second Tutorial

Join a Cartel

Builds some labs

Recruit some junkies

Your labs make drugs and junkies earn cash for each token spent.

Now all you have to do is grow your worth and reach the top 10 all while dodging the gunners!

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Basic Dopewars Guide

Game Objectives

The objective of DopeWarsOnline is to become the city's richest and most powerful drug dealer player and cartel in the space of one month and to claim fame on the DopeWarsOnline Hall of Fame.

Choosing Game to play

DopeWarsOnline offers an array of games for you to choose from, each group offering something different from the others. To select which game to play in, choose the corresponding game from the drop down to the right of the "Sign Up" button on the sign up page when creating an account. DopeWarsOnline offers the following varieties of the game:

A1 - Normal room
The classic game contains everything but the black market.

B1 - Black Market room
Similar to A games, but contain the Black Market for credit trading.

C1 - Pro room
Similar to A games, but there are no token/prize packs allowed in this room.

Making Money

There are several ways to make money in DopeWarsOnline, some more efficient than others, depending on your strategy.


This is the simplest and most common way of quickly making money in the game however can be less effective over a game-long period. Simply traffic goods from one subway station to another. An example of how money can be made this way: Say you buy 6,000 units of LSD at one dealer for $21 each (total cost of $126,000) and then do to another dealer and sell all 6,000 units for $31 each (total proceeds of $186,000) you just made a quick and easy $10 per unit times 6,000 units, a total profit of $60,000!


In DopeWarsOnline, you can make a living running a grow operation. That is, growing and selling drugs. This requires careful planning and a good coat to hold all your output.

To grow drugs, you need to build your drug lab (under the operations drop down). To expand your drug lab, enter the number of square feet in the box you want to grow it by. In most games, it will cost you 2 tokens and $34,500 per square foot of drug lab. Drug labs will produce (usually) 17 units of any drug (as determined by the player) per square foot each time that player spends a token; drug labs will begin producing drugs immediately. All the drugs produced by your lab will go directly in to your coat (which you can then sell for money at the local dealer).

By default, your lab will produce Crystal Meth. This can be changed at the drug lab screen. Scroll below the build section, you will see a list of all drugs in the game, choose the radio button beside the drug you want to produce, and click "Change". Your lab will now produce that drug.


Junkies are among the most profitable ways to make money in DopeWarsOnline. You can recruit new junkies from the Street Corner (under the operations drop down). Enter the number of junkies you want to recruit and click "Recruit". It will cost you 1 token for each junkie your recruit.

Every time you spend a token, your junkie will earn money for you. Junkies will not immediately begin to earn profit, they require time to train. From the time you recruit a junkie, she will not be trained until you've spent about 50 tokens.

Junkies also require you pay them, they demand pay whether in training or working. They will cost you 1 unit of any drug (as determined by you) each time you spend a token. These drugs will be immediately deducted from your coat. Should you fall short of drugs and be unable to pay your junkies, they will require re-training, thus resulting in about 50 profitless tokens spent per junkie (expensive!)

To determine what drug you will pay your junkies with, go to the Street Corner page (operations drop down) and scroll below the recruit box. You will see a list of drugs, choose the radio button of the desired payout drug and click "Change". Your junkies will now be paid in that drug. For A and B games, it doesn't matter what type of drugs your junkies are paid in, just make sure you have enough of that drug to fill their salary.

You can also find out how many cycles it will be before a junkie-in-training will become a working junkie. To do this, click on the "Details" link beside "Junkies in Training" towards the top of the page.

=== Stealing === you can jump other players and steal their money (if you have more weapons then they do). Jumping a player requires 4 tokens, and will reduce your stamina. The higher your stamina, the better chances you have of successfully beating your target and stealing his/her money. If your opponent is able to overcome your attack, all you will lose is 4 tokens; if he/she can't overcome your attack you will win a portion of his/her money.


This screen appears when you click on the "coat" link. This screen will tell you what coat you currently have, how much you paid for it, how many pockets you've used, how many are free, and what's in the pockets.

The green and white bar indicated how much of the coat is full (green) and how much of it is empty (white). This screen will also give a complete listing of each drug and its quantity within your coat.

Coats Pockets

Each coat can only hold a certain total amount of units (drugs). You can buy bigger more expensive coats, which have more pockets, and will therefore let you hold a higher number of maximum drugs at any time. The more pockets you have, the more buying power you have. If you buy a new coat, you lose the old one, and you do not get your money back. Coats are one-time sales, no exchanges or refunds.


This screen appears when you click on the "Local Dealer" link. This is where all the trafficking happens. You can buy drugs; sell drugs and travel to other dealer at this screen. Note that money can be made because prices are different at every station! Buy at one station and sell at another.


The buying table is the top of the two tables seen on the local dealer screen. The price and quantity available are also indicated. Enter the quantity of each drug you want to buy, 0 will buy you none, and you can buy more than 1 type of drug in a deal, then click "Buy". This costs no tokens, provided you have the money, you will then buy the drugs you wanted to purchase.


This works just like buying (above). Except it instead displays the quantity you have available to sell of each drug. Enter in the amount and click "Sell". Provided you have enough of the drug you wish to sell, those drugs will be sold at the indicated price.

Dealer Change

The dealer at the station will only deal with you so many times per visit to that station. Anything more, he will become suspicious of you and turn you away.

Upgrading your Coat

Purchasing a new coat is simple; it costs no tokens, simply select the button beside the coat you wish to purchase and click "Buy". Your old coat will be discarded however any drugs within it will be transferred to the new coat.


You can also purchase guns, vests and thugs. The more guns and vests you have the better you will fight when being jumped or are jumping someone (also refer to Stamina in the next section for info on stamina). Thugs are used to find out information about rival empires (also refer to Thug Tasks in the Jump Player section for more info on what your Thugs can do for you).

Black Market Buy

University Credits are available for purchase. Use your money, rather than tokens, to increase credits. The amount of credits there are at any given time is based on the amount people sell. The price is also at their discretion, and the value of the market. Buying University Credits will increase your productivity percentage. This is locked in A games.

Black Market Sell

Sell your credits to other players on the game. You set the price, but the market value will determine what credits are currently on sale. You can only sell as many credits as you have earned with your tokens. Selling your University Credits will minimize your productivity percentage but can maximize your money, use with caution. This is also locked in A games.

Drug Lab

Each player has a drug lab. A drug lab will produce more drugs the bigger it is. By default your drug lab is 0 sq. feet and will produce Crystal Meth. Every time you spend a token, if your drug lab is at least 1 sq ft. it will produce a certain amount of the drug it is set to produce. It will produce drugs whether you spend a token.

Drug Lab Building

You can make your drug lab bigger (increase its square footage and therefore output) by entering in a number in the box labeled "Expand Lab By:" It costs 2 tokens and $34,000 to expand your lab by 1 square foot. It will provide 17 units of drug per square foot.

Drug Lab Set

You can change the drug your lab produces at no monetary or token cost. Simply check the radio button beside the desired drug you want your lab to produce and click change. Remember, you lab won't produce anything if it is only 0 sq. ft.

Street Corner

Just like a real drug dealer, you can employ crack-whores to bring in extra revenue each time you spent a token. The more junkies (crack-whores) you employ, the more money they will bring in each time you spent a token. However, junkies require that you pay them a salary of 1 unit of any drug per token spent. Junkies also require some time to train, a junkie be trained approximately after you've spent 50 tokens after recruiting her. A junkie will demand 1 unit of any drug in pay regardless of whether she is in training or not.

Street Corner Recruiting

You can recruit new junkies to work for you at the cost of 1 token and $0. Enter the number of junkie you want to recruit in the box labeled "Recruit how many junkies?" and click "Recruit". All the new junkies you recruit will now go into training, which will last roughly the amount of time it takes you to spent 50 tokens. After they are trained they will earn you money as long as you supply those drugs.

Street Corner Junkies

A junkie will create revenue for you each time you spend a token in return for drugs (1 unit per token you spent). A junkie requires training and will leave you and not come back if you can't supply her with drugs for even 1 token spent! So always ensure you have drugs to pay your junkies or they'll leave and you'll have to retrain all of them!

Junkie Trainees

A junkie will take the amount of time it takes for you to spent 60 tokens to train, while she is in training she will still demand a pay of 1 drug unit each time you spend a token, but will not return any revenue. You can get the status of junkies in training by clicking "details".

Junkie Payouts

Junkies will work for any drug you choose. Changing what drug you pay a junkie is similar to changing what drug your lab will produce. Just click on the button beside the drug you want to pay your junkies in and click "change". From then on, you junkies will work for that selected drug. It cost no money or tokens to change the payment type.


Factories are where you can buy machines to produce goods. There are two types of machines, sewing and gun presses. Sewing machines produce vests and Gun Presses produce guns, both help with your worth. Vests help protect your business from being jumped by other players and Guns work in the opposite fashion, guns are used primarily for jumping other players.

Factories Producing

To buy machines just enter the desired amount of machines you require and press purchase. Each machine costs $15,000 and 1 token each.


You can also buy shakes at for $100 per shake, which will increase your Stamina potential. The higher your stamina the better you fight when being jumped or jumping someone else. Your stamina will go down when you jump someone else and you will regain stamina as you spend Tokens but it will only increase to your potential stamina, which you get from buying shakes.


University is an area to help develop your empire. You can buy books and develop 5 areas of your business, these are:
Botany: Learn how to grow and care for plants.
Pimpology: Learn how to be the pimpiest pimp around.
Home Economics: Learn how to cook, clean and most importantly, sew.
Shop Class: Learn how to operate machinery.
Theft: Learn how to steal things.

Books and Credits

To make the most of your University you will need to buy books, ($8,000 each and 1 token each). Buying books builds up credits, which in turn you can purchase in exchange for tokens for one or more of the five areas listed above. By working on these areas you can increase the work rate of your junkies, machines lab etc. Each area can reach up to 175% production except for Theft. The max for theft is 85%; therefore the weapons you buy from the shop will only cost 85% of their true worth.


To jump another player you must know their player ID number. The easiest way to get this number is to look at the scores page. Which is located in the drop down menu for the Home link? It costs 4 tokens to Jump another player.

Thug Tasks

Currently your Thugs can perform the following tasks:
Spy on Junkies: If your thug is successful it tells you how many active and training junkies a player has, and what drug the player pays his/her junkies in.
Stamina inspection: If your thug is successful it tells you a player's maximum and current stamina.
Check Credentials: Tells you the productivity of a player's junkies, lab, sewing machines and gun machines.
Sabotage Factory: Damages the machinery in a player's factory causing a temporary reduced output.
Inspect Lab Reports: Lab Production.



Increases the production of goods from your own and other cartel member's labs.
Increases the money made by junkies from yourself and other cartel members.
Get your friends to play and form a cartel with them, or message other players in the game and start/join cartels with them. Just remember, the bigger, the better!


This is a means of sending messages to other players through the game. To send a message you must know the ID number for the player you wish to send a message to message.